Starting your own business is never an easy thing, especially when you are trying to make it as a Fashion Entrepreneur. Ease of doing business and marketplaces across various online platforms have made launching your own clothing line a piece of cake. There are plenty of resources available in assisting you to start your own Fashion House. Once you have the designs, the very next step to do is to find a dependable clothing manufacturing company.

India is one of the largest clothing manufacturers globally. Many of the biggest brands across the world have their apparel and garments manufactured in India. Also, India has majorly benefitted from many big brands moving their manufacturing and finishing processes out of China.

Finding women’s clothing manufacturers for your business is not that much of a task these days thanks to the age of the internet. No matter in which corner of the world you want a women’s clothing manufacturer, it is just a few clicks away.

The most convenient options are:

Online Directories:

These online directories contain all the information about the women’s clothing manufacturing companies in India such as contact details, specializations, website links, etc. for easy communication.

The two types of directories are- online directories and offline directories. Some of the directories that you can refer to are as mentioned below;

  1. India Apparel and Textile Directory
  2. Diya Textile Directory
  3. YnFx.Com
  4. TradeIndia.Com

Search Engines:

All information is just a few clicks and taps away. No one needs to be a tech genius to get the desired results. The Internet has made it all easily accessible in the palm of your hand. All you need to know is what and exactly are you looking for.

E.g., if you are in search of a Women’s Clothing Manufacturing Company in India then taking “women’s clothing” as your keyword you can conduct an effective search as mentioned in the examples below:

  1. Women’s Clothing + manufacturing company + India
  2. Women’s Clothing + clothing factories + India
  3. Women’s Clothes + manufacturing companies+ India
  4. Women’s Clothing + wholesale manufacturer + India
  5. Indian+ Women’s Clothing Manufacturer

Trade Expos:

Trade Expos or Trade Fairs are the best places to meet with women’s clothing manufacturing companies in India directly. The main purpose of these exhibits is to showcase products and attract potential customers. The customer can physically assess and evaluate the available options.

Some of the organized trade shows include:

  1. India International Garment Fair
  2. Garment Technology Expo- Delhi India
  3. Parineeti- The Royal Edit (PBYMM)
  4. Heimtextile India 2019

References or Recommendations:

Referrals are the most trusted sources when it comes to any business. One can enquire amongst the existing people in the industry. This is the easiest way to get the most reliable women’s clothing manufacturing companies in India or across the globe.

Publications and Papers:

Though this resource is mostly redundant, it’s still a treasure trove of information. One can collect the relevant articles on the textile industry with contact details of women’s clothing manufacturing companies or any other clothing manufacturers, depending on what you are looking for.

As mentioned before, finding a women’s clothing manufacturer in India is not the hardest thing to do. The tough part is to find someone who is trustworthy, ethical, and on the same page as you. In this era of extreme competition, your manufacturer is your biggest competitive advantage.

At Dress Code, we don’t deliver just the products, we deliver an experience. An experience free from woes and worries about the quality, timely completion of order, and shipment. If you know how to be a Fashion Entrepreneur, then we are the perfect choice for all your women’s clothing manufacturing needs.

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