Cocktail Dresses Manufacturer

Cocktail Dresses Manufacturer

Dress Code Apparels is a manufacturing company located in New Delhi, India. We manufacture cocktail dresses for women. Cocktail dresses are manufactured keeping in mind the style ideas and designs given by the clients. We accept orders from small and big businesses and have No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). The cocktail dresses are manufactured right to the size and colour given by the clients and any other specification given is also followed precisely. Being a full – service provider in the manufacturing business, Dress Code Apparels has made its place in the market, by earning the trust and faith of the clients.

What Are Cocktail Dresses?

A cocktail dress is a semi – formal dress that is usually worn by women in late – afternoon or early – evening parties or events. It is neither too fancy nor too casual. It falls somewhere between casual and formal. Such dresses are made of more rich fabrics like silk and satin and can be embroidered with classy elements like sequins, embroidery, or traditional designs. While choosing or wearing a cocktail dress, it is to be kept in mind that dresses like this should not be too long or too short, they should fall right above the knees of the woman wearing it. If you are looking for a longer cocktail dress, choosing a midi dress is better than a floor – length one. Cocktail dresses are comfortable and elegant, sophisticated yet simple.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Dress Code Apparels to manufacture women’s cocktail dresses as you can be assured that we will not disappoint you. We will source the perfect rich fabric to manufacture your order of cocktail dresses. We will also make and grade our patterns precisely. From dying, cutting, printing, to the last stitch on your cocktail dress, we have got it all covered. We also make sure that we give the ultimate finishing to your dresses. We are very strict when it comes to quality and always make sure everything is perfect from top to bottom, beginning to end. When it comes to packaging and dispatching our manufactured goods to the potential clients, we ensure to pack all dresses in a safe way so that they do not get damaged. We also provide door step deliveries

What We Can Provide?

Dress Code Apparels manufactures custom made cocktail dresses for women. We get the designs from our clients and turn those designs into reality. On order, we can manufacture gleaming metallics cocktail dresses, boho chic cocktail dresses, prints galore cocktail dresses, floral fantasy cocktail dresses, or just about anything that you want us to customise and manufacture for you. Just give us your designs and let us do the rest for you. We will do everything from finding the right fabric to the last stitch, and you will get your dream cocktail dress manufactured and supplied to you. What is great about us is that we have No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Not only do we provide service to big businesses but also take orders from small business firms.