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Women Clothing Manufacturer:​

Dress Code Apparels is one of the trusted names when it comes to women’s clothing manufacturers in India. Over the years, we have managed to cater to a large number of international clientele for high fashion clothing. We are the end-to-end manufacturing facility for women’s apparel. At Dress Code, we understand that an exclusive design needs a dedicated and reliable manufacturer with expertise as a women’s clothing manufacturer. Dress Code caters to woven and knit, along with leather garments

From Dress Code Get Quality Garments Manufactured

Intending to be, the most sought-after manufacturer of women’s clothing in India, for start-ups, companies in the initial phases of inception, and small enterprises worldwide, Dress Code Apparels has been evolving continuously. We are one of the very few women’s clothing manufacturers, you’ll not regret working with because we’re dedicated to providing only the best services and quality. We have everything you need to make your design concept a reality, so your hunt for high-quality, high-fashion women’s clothing manufacturers in India ends here. We follow stringent quality checks at every process step regardless of the order size. We succeed in earning our clients’ trust for a variety of reasons. The secret to our satisfied customers’ winning smiles is the stringent process of delivery of items that perfectly fit their specifications. We always have been a company that puts quality first.

Salient Features About Women’s High Fashion Clothing At Dress Code, India​

With more than a decade of experience in serving customers from across the world, we have adapted to the latest trends and techniques with zero compromises on quality. With us, you get more than just the product. We deliver an experience, a hassle-free, top-quality experience as a manufacturer of women’s clothing in India. We bring you the best raw materials required from start to finish so that you don’t have to go from vendor to vendor searching for good bargains and quality as we bring you nothing but the best. Apart from the quality and equipment to handle orders of all sizes, some of our note-worthy features include our ethical practices and timely completion of orders. We are manufacturers of women’s apparel such as casual wear dresses, party-wear dresses, summer dresses, shirts, skirts, jackets, Bohemian clothing, etc. We can assure you that our team of experts and seasoned artisans are at your service with our exceptional services. Whatever your design for women’s clothing, we provide you with state-of-the-art infrastructure, and that too at cost-effective rates

We Are Your Women’s Embroidered Clothing Manufacturer​

With over a decade of experience as a women’s clothing manufacturer, at Dress Code, we understand apparel is more than fabrics and stitching, hence our services are much more than just that. We are the finest manufacturers of women’s embroidered clothing. Embroidery has been a preferred craft for decorating women’s clothing and a wide range of other apparel and goods since before the 7th century. We offer intricate and delicate finishing for that high-quality, high-fashion women’s clothing line based on your designs. We provide other customization options such as applique work, laces, trimmings, embellishments, etc. Bring your designs to us and expect us to stick to the same to the very last loop and knot. Dress Code has its own in-house computerized embroidery machine to make delicate fabrics look more elegant.

Why Choose Dress Code A Women’s Apparel Manufacturers​

Dress Code is a company that follows ethical practices and strict quality checks to bring you simply the best. When you choose to work with Dress Code, you have access not just to our manufacturing facility but also to our vendors for top-quality raw materials and our team of highly skilled checkers and workmen who work relentlessly to make your dream design a reality. We root for small businesses and start-ups as much as we root for big fashion houses. Hence, to help these small businesses grow up to their potential, we accept orders even in small batches. When we say we take care of the end-to-end process, we talk about the following steps:

1. Getting the designs and understanding the tech-pack
2. Sourcing of fabrics, trims, embellishments, and other raw materials
3. Making mock-up designs for better visual clarity and making necessary
changes in fabrics, colors, patterns, etc as per the feedback.
4. Quality check of the samples.
5. Pre-washing the fabric to avoid shrinkage afterward
6. Printing, dyeing, embroidery, or embellishments as per the finalized design
7. The production of any size order
8. Labeling and tagging as per the customized
9. Quality check and assurance of the finished products
10. Packaging, Documentation, and Shipping

Dress Code Apparels Is Your Go-To Women’s Clothing Manufacturer For All Your Customized Needs From Start To Finish.​