Why Make It In India

Do not underestimate the rise of the garment manufacturing sector/ industry in India. India is renowned globally for the quality of its fabrics be it kinds of cotton, jute fibers, silks, synthetics, polyesters, etc. Manufacturing in India is not only cost-effective but also an assurance of the topmost quality.

  • Smarter Factory:

India has come a long way when it comes to adapting to modern technology. Indian manufacturing units are equally equipped with state-of-the-art machinery combined with skilled workmen. Basically, you get international quality without making a dent in your budget.

  • Government Policies and Strategies:

the ease of doing business is backed by India signing trade agreements with more than 50 countries. So, for foreign companies manufacturing in India, there is the advantage of getting to serve other markets too.

  • Skills and Training:

There has been a constant retention of skilled workmen and craftsmen by the manufacturers in the past couple of years due to better opportunities in the booming Indian market and the sub-continent not being hit as badly by the global economic crises as most of its western counterparts.

  • Business Growth:

Business growth is one of the main reasons that many manufacturers have chosen India instead of China and Bangladesh. Many companies are also scared to do business with their factories as they believe they will poach customers, provide sub-standard quality, and most of all unethical business practices without traceability or transparency.