Puffy Jacket Manufacturers

What Is A Puffy Jacket? ​

The Puffy Jacket is primarily insulated with either down feathers or synthetic fibers. It is sewn into quilted patches to get that authentic puffy, plush look. Though many variations are in the market today, the puffy is considered the warmest, and the most comfortable winter jacket out there

The down jacket is amongst the popular styles because it’s effective, stylish, and comes in a variety of colors and designs. The puffy jacket is designed to keep the body heat in and the winter chill out. The Puffy Jacket gives you maximum warmth without compromising style. It is versatile enough for a stroll in the chilly winter evenings or for a ski adventure in the snowclad mountains.

Puffy Jacket – India Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers ​

Your search for a warm, winter jacket that is big on style and warmth, ends with the classic Puffy Jacket. A Puffy Jacket is ideal for the harshest of winters for work, casual, and party wear. And as a designer, your search with Puffer Jacket manufacturer ends @ Dress Code Apparels. As a Puffer Jacket manufacturer, we use synthetic material, along with the down feathers themselves, to encase the down filling. These synthetic fibers make it much more lightweight, wind-resistant, and water-resistant. Dress Code Apparels is your reliable manufacturer for customized down and puffer jackets and a wholesale supplier. Our large-scale production capacity, dedicated team members, advanced equipment, and over a decade of experience that has made us capable to achieve the best in product quality and customer services.

Quilted Puffer Jacket Manufacturer ​

We undertake manufacturing for many global clothing brands, which adds to our experience in understanding global trends and fashion. As a quilted puffer jacket manufacturer, we provide start to finish services service for brands, and you can trust us with your original design concepts. We also help our customers to establish their own fashion brands. The quality of our Puffer jackets is loved by our customers.

Puffy Jackets as the name suggests are puffed up to that maintain warmth by enclosing down feathers or synthetic fibers with a synthetic material. This material is water-resistant and wind resistant. We provide manufacturing options for a variety of shapes and styles. The shapes of the down pockets and the stitching used for the pockets have an effect on the look and feel of your quilted puffy jacket. Vertical stitching looks form flattering, horizontal stitching gives out a bulkier look. Diamond patterns are becoming popular as these provide a more slimming look. These quilted or insulated jackets were traditionally filled with feathers. But with time and better options, these are now filled with synthetic fibers. These fibers are lighter than the feathers.

Custom And Wholesale Puffer Jackets Supplier ​

  1. Send us a drawing or a sketch of your chosen design of the puffer jackets you want to make. It can be a picture, a photo, an image, or even a document so that we know the exact type of puffer jacket you want to make.
  2. Choose a fabric and color: As a custom and wholesale jacket supplier, we have a plethora of jacket fabrics to choose from in different colors and textures. You can choose the fabric and color you want and if you are not sure, feel free to pick the brains of our in-house design team for a professional opinion and information.
  3. Get into detailing: After fabric selection, you need to choose other crafts according to your concept design. You can also send us photos of all the shortlisted crafts you want to do, and we can guide you for the same. We also customize labels and tags for your brand or boutique.
  4. Choose sizes: Send us sizes or a size in which you want the puffer jackets to be made along with details of the sizing chart, i.e, European sizes or US Sizes, or any other specific sizing you might want.
  5. Sampling & Approval: We make a sample piece or batch of puffy jackets based on your confirmed specifications. Once the sample pieces are made, we send the same to you for a quality check in terms of design adaptation, finishing, stitching, etc.
  6.  Manufacturing Process: Once the sample has been given a thumbs-up by you and an order is placed we get into the production or manufacturing process. As a manufacturer and wholesale supplier, we accept orders of all small or bulk-sizes. We take care of customized packaging, documentation, and shipping the products to your doorstep.