The Process

    You can share your designs in a variety of formats, including reference photographs, real examples from your own closet, sketches, Tech drawings, and Tech packs, among others. If you are unsure what to show us, please contact us and we will put you on the proper route. Please provide annotations with your drawings to assist us to comprehend what you want; the more detail you provide, the better. At DC, there is no MOQ.
  • QUOTE:
    When we receive your designs, we will review them and put together a price. To expedite the quote process, please let us know how many units you want per style, as we have no MOQ, what fabrics you have in mind, and what seam finishings you want. Cover-stitch, bagged out, binding, and so on. We will send you a detailed quote via email.
    We can schedule a consultation with you after the quotations are approved by you. This is a critical stage in bringing your designs to life. We will further discuss your designs to ensure that we clearly understand what you want. At the consultation appointment, you can view what fabrics we offer and choose which ones you want to use. You can also view samples of our work and clarify any doubts you may have. This is the meeting where you may ask as many questions as you want and go over everything thoroughly so that you know exactly what measures to take next.
    This is the first stage if you haven’t already made your patterns. We will begin by creating your patterns. We create the patterns from scratch using your reference photographs, sketches, tech packs, and physical samples. We can also generate an exact clone of a physical sample if that is what you require. We can talk about it during the consultation. Everything is tailored to each individual client.
    A prototype is advised for new designs created from scratch. In reality, this is critical since, no matter how skilled our pattern cutters are, a garment’s fit is never perfect the first time. It’s simply not doable. However, if we are provided with measurements and physical samples, the procedure becomes considerably faster and more simplified.
    A garment fitting session is required if we produce a prototype for you. This is the step at which you or a model of your choosing will try it on and we will go over the alterations you want to be made to the pattern. Following the fit session, we will make the necessary alterations to the pattern.
    We will next create your final samples in the appropriate fabrics and trims. This is the stage at which you may view how the production clothing will look. The time taken for sampling will depend on design complexities and sample size as we have no MOQs
    Once you’ve approved the fits, fabrics, and so on of each style. Your patterns will then be graded. We can employ our own grade rule, which we have refined. You are, however, free to create your own grade rule. If a client does not know which grade rule to employ, we can recommend what we believe is best for your brand and type of items.
    We will order your bulk fabric while we grade your patterns. Please keep in mind that our suppliers’ shipment times vary depending on how popular their fabrics are, among other factors. The time it takes for fabrics to arrive varies depending on the supplier.
    The most dramatic stage, where your designs are mass-produced. The time taken for manufacturing will depend on how intricate the designs are and the size of the order.
    We provide customized labels and tags for your brands.
    The packaging can either be standard and generic or customized as per your brand requirements. The products are individually packed in single bags and then all stacked up in a cardboard box.
    For the convenience of our clients, we provide all the necessary documentation required for a smooth transit of the products to be delivered to the address of your preference mentioned in the contract.