Small-Order Clothing Manufacturers

“A Powerful Testimonial Is One That Tells The Story Of Your Client’s Transformation”​

Dress Code takes pride in being one of the low MOQ clothing manufacturers for our clients and seeing them grow big. We believe every client is significant, no matter the scale of business. We are the preferred clothing manufacturers for small businesses, start-ups, or businesses that are in the infancy stage. Dress Code is the low MOQ clothing manufacturer for all your small-scale requirements. But at the same time, we are fully equipped to handle bulk orders as and when necessary.

Looking For Small-Order Clothing Manufacturers:​

While looking for the right manufacturer for your designs, one of the key factors is to find a maker who would be as dedicated as a small-order clothing manufacturer as they are to large-scale ones. Your search for the right manufacturer ends at Dress Code because we bring you our dedicated team of skilled workmanship, vendors, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We only source the best materials for you, bringing you the exclusive piece that exactly follows your design concepts and instructions. Even for small batch orders, we do not compromise on quality or precision and deliver the order as committed.

Clothing Manufacturer For Startups:​

Considering the ease of doing business, and how the world has shrunk thanks to the internet, many entrepreneurs are getting lured into starting their own fashion houses or clothing brands. These fashion startups need a variety of products in low MOQs. It is important to find the low MOQ manufacturer that provides the best quality at the most cost-effective rates. Dress Code roots for small businesses and start-ups; hence, we take up our role as a small-order clothing manufacturer as dedicatedly as a bulk-sized order.

Why Should You Work With Dress Code As A Clothing Manufacturer?​

  • Dress Code accepts all types of customised design orders in low MOQ as well.
  • Please contact us to get a more detailed quotation or for any further assistance.
  • One-stop shop for all the processes such as – pattern making, grading, fabric sourcing, sourcing of trims, making custom labels and tags, sampling, production, quality checks and control, finishing and packaging, documentation, shipping etc.
  • Even as a low MOQ clothing manufacturer, we specialise in embroidery, smocking and applique work, printing, embellishments, sequins, washing of fabrics – pre-production, dyeing, laces and trims, tassels, flouncing, etc.
  • You get access to a massive collection of laces, tussles, buttons, clasps, zippers, embellishments, etc.

We Are Here To Help You To Make Your Clothing Brand:​

We understand the struggles of new businesses and start-ups as we have been there once. We have come a long way from there to being the preferred clothing manufacturer for many international fashion brands. Dress Code comes with its latest manufacturing techniques, a team of dedicated and skilled workmen, trusted vendors, and most importantly more than a decade of experience. Most fashion designers or start ups don’t always have a complete idea about the manufacturing process. We are with you every step of the way. You can trust us to help you and give you the next best alternatives for raw materials, fabrics, embroidered designs, embellishments, etc., to suit your budget. We are a start-to-finish service provider, from fabric sourcing to making patterns, to sample making, production process, quality-checks, customized labeling and tagging, packaging, documentation, and delivery at your doorstep.

We Understand Your Demand For The Production Process​

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions:​

For us to make the perfect piece for you, we request you provide a design concept that is either well-written or well-drawn. “The detail is as important as the essential is. When it is inadequate, it destroys the whole outfit.”- Christian Dior.

There are no MOQs involved.

Yes. We are fully equipped to handle bulk size orders. We, as a clothing manufacturer, assure the best quality and timely completion even in large-scale orders.

We do not have a fixed price list at our disposal. Since we do a lot of manufacturing for customized designs, the price will vary depending upon the design concepts and details, and the size of the order for a particular style concept. We can help you with the prices once you provide us with your requirements in detail

If ready color and fabric are available, the turnaround time is 45-50 days