Women Shirts Manufacturer

Women Shirts Manufacturer In India

Dress Code Apparels is a women’s shirt manufacturing company in New Delhi, India. We manufacture shirts for women and supply them to national and international clients. Get your shirts for women manufactured at our factory in unique varieties. Our shirts are stylish yet comfortable. All the shirts that we
manufacture for women are durable. We manufacture women shirts on order and customise them based on the styles and designs of the clients. We also supply these orders to the clients at doorstep delivery.

Why Choose Us?

Dress Code Apparels works with superior quality of fabrics only. The shirts that we manufacture will be delivered at the address that you have provided, without any delay. We are a manufacturer and supplier of high – quality shirts for women. You can give us any design and we will customise them for you. The best part about getting your shirts for women manufactured by Dress Code Apparels is that we have No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). We manufacture women’s shirts for all sizes. All our shirts for women are sustainable and can be washed with machine or by hand.

Our Products

A shirt is a jack of all seasons and Dress Code Apparels is here to manufacture this jack for you. At Dress Code Apparels, we manufacture any type of shirts are clients want us to.

  • Sleeveless Shirts for Women

A shirt without sleeves is exactly what it sounds like—it has no sleeves. A sleeveless garment will usually reach your inner shoulder’s edge. Traditionally, sleeveless shirts have high necklines or collars. In summer months, sleeveless shirts are perfect for everyday wear. They are also ideal for layering beneath a blazer.

  • Formal Shirts for Women

The term “shirt” refers to a collared, button-down top. A formal shirt’s design does not include loose fabric. Rather, compared to a flowing fabric used for blouses, it is more rigid and fitted. Formal Shirts are ideal for a sophisticated appearance, but they also look sharp with jeans.

  • Western Shirts for Women

Button-down tops known as “western shirts” include a recognisable collar, or pattern, over the neck and shoulders. Western shirts are a trend. Denim is frequently used in the manufacture of modern Western shirts. Long sleeves and snap pockets are features of these shirts.

  • Military Shirts for Women

The soldiers in the armed forces do, in fact, dress in “military” shirts. In manufactured shirts, the fashion industry borrows a “military” appearance. These tops are influenced by fashion in that they have button-down collars, chest pockets, buttoned cuffs, and occasionally patches or logos. Shirts come in a variety of patterns, including solid colours and camouflage.

  • Pintuck Shirts for Women

A basic fold is a pintuck. Pintucks are a pattern of little folds or pleats that typically run up and down or side to side on a shirt. You have two options for securing the pleats: pressing or stitching. In either case, the tuck is a style decision that can improve your appearance. You’ll discover that pintuck shirts can have a few or many folds. Additionally, a variety of cuts and materials are available. These shirts provide any woman a beautiful appearance.

  • Tuxedo for Women

An official event calls for a tuxedo shirt. It is a spread collared shirt with a button-down front and varying distances between the collar points. Collars sometimes have fold-out tips or points that resemble wings. Another choice is a bib with vertical pleats that run up and down both sides of the buttons. There are countless design options for tuxedo shirts.

  • Ruffle – Front Shirts for Women

A ruffle-front shirt may also be called a “poet blouse” or a “pirate shirt.” These shirts will have lacy frills on the front. These tops are offered in a variety of lush fabrics.

  • Cossack Shirts for Women

A Cossack shirt is inspired by traditional dancing. The collar, hem, and cuffs of these shirts are typically handwoven with elaborate patterns. The waist of Cossack shirts is also belted.

May it be any kind of shirt, Dress Code Apparels will accept all your designs and will turn them into reality by manufacturing them exactly like how you want.