Private Label Clothing Manufacturers In India

“Fashion Is The Armor To Survive The Reality Of Life.”- American Fashion Photographer For The New York Times.​

Clothing is beyond a basic necessity across all seasons. Consumers invest in pieces that express and suit their style. Starting a private label clothing brand is indeed an appealing and lucrative idea. Still, you need irresistible designs and also A-List private-label clothing manufacturers. Dress Code Apparel is a manufacturer you can work with to develop a unique product line

Dress Code Apparels cater to all kinds of private-label clothing manufacturing requirements. Our expertise is backed by our experience of more than 10 years in the private label manufacturing field. We manufacture high-quality products based on your customization needs. Our clients include private labels from all across the globe.

We are a private label apparel/clothing manufacturer and exporter that’s serving the big size international clothing labels as well start-ups, small and mid-sized fashion houses, and upcoming clothing labels who need small batch clothing manufacturers or low MOQ manufacturers. Topmost quality standards and assurance, quick turnaround time of sampling and the production process, cost-effective rates, strict quality checks, and state-ofthe-art infrastructure loaded with equipment to meet all kinds of designer needs.

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers In India ​

There is no dearth of private-label clothing manufacturers in India, but very few can keep up with the latest trends and technology in the sector. Moreover, the most important thing as a designer is to find the one trusted manufacturer that delivers on time, provides the best of both worlds- quality and services, does end-to-end process, and most importantly safeguards your designs.

Who Are Private Label Clothing Manufacturers? ​

In simpler words, private label clothing manufacturers are the ones that manufacture apparel for fashion houses or fashion designers. But in today’s times, a private label clothing manufacturer does more than just that. At Dress Code Apparels, we don’t just make plain, simple, and basic clothes, we also take care of embroidery, embellishments, laces, and trims depending on your designs for your targeted customers.

We consider all aspects of the design, and our team of experts is there to assist you in every step of the process keeping you updated so that you can take real-time and informed decisions for the best results.

We are a sustainable practice with energy-efficient machines and equipment that have made us one of the most preferred clothing manufacturers across the globe for small and large businesses. We are well equipped to handle all kinds of requirements as a Private Label Clothing Manufacturer. We are more than just your average private-label clothing manufacturer in India. You receive the best quality customized Manufacturing services from us. We not only take care of the fabric sourcing based on your requirements but offer complete manufacturing services that bring you the finished product. We have the capacity to make your desired products from the start but also deliver the end product right to your doorsteps.

Partnering with Dress Code – Your Trusted Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

In the world of fashion, quality, timeliness, and innovation are paramount. If you’re seeking a reliable private-label clothing manufacturer with over a decade of experience, Dress Code Apparel stands as the ideal partner. Our expertise spans from working with global fashion brands to assisting startups and mid-sized fashion houses and boutiques. We understand the nuances of today’s fashion industry, going beyond just manufacturing basic clothing. At Dress Code, we tailor our services to your unique designs, incorporating intricate details like embroidery, embellishments, and trims.

Looking For Best Custom Brand Clothing Supplier? ​

What do designers look for in a Custom Brand Clothing Supplier or Manufacturer? Complete manufacturing services, shorter turnaround time, a network of vendors, customized labels and tags, customized packaging, documentation, and doorstep delivery. Your search for all this and more ends at Dress Code. When we say more, we mean bringing our knowledge and know-how of more than 10 years to make your collection a super success. Our expert team gives assistance and advice if needed or requested by the designer.

Available For Private Label Bulk Orders ​

We accept large-size or bulk-size orders for private labels. Our facility is equipped to take bulk orders in various types of designs and styles and complete the same in the time committed at the time of taking the orders. Irrelevant to the order size, we can assure you that there will be no compromise on quality. From hats, hoodies, and t-shirts to pants, leggings, and jackets, whatever you want, we can handle private label manufacturing requests for a vast range of apparel products. As your private-label clothing manufacturer, we regularly update you as your order reaches the stage of finished products.

Best Private Label Clothing Manufacturer- Equipped With World-Class Equipment ​

With Dress Code Apparels, you can develop an entire line of classy and trending custom clothing for your brands and businesses. As the best Private-Label Clothing Manufacturer in India, our factory provides you with various additional amenities and added-on features at your request to make your collection even more exclusive. We provide customized labels in different colors, shapes, sizes, printed, embroidered, etc., based on your needs.

Why Choose Dress Code – Best Private Label Clothing Manufacturers? ​

Dress Code is one of the leading private label clothing manufacturers and exporters for all kinds of apparel. We have mastered the art of manufacturing high-quality private-label apparel without any compromise on quality. Equipped to provide end-to-end garment manufacturing services; we are a reliable Private-label clothing manufacturer in India. The process usually starts with fabric sourcing and ends at your doorstep with the delivery of finished garments. Dress Code is the OEM / ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) that dedicatedly works on your custom designs and concepts to give you an absolute match to your expectations in terms of quality, design adaptations, finishing, and fitment standards.

Work with Dress Code and see your designs come to life right before your eyes.