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We’re A Full-Service Clothing Manufacturing Factory.  All you need to do is just provide us with your design concepts. We assure you that we are equipped and skilled to turn your concept into a reality.

Dress Code is a team of highly specialized and skilled professionals. We are The Clothing Manufacturers for small and medium businesses. With the desire and passion for providing end-to-end clothing manufacturing services that match your custom design and specification to the dot.

At DRESS CODE, we take a collective approach to work by being your team member and ensuring that you have the most productive and fruitful business association with us. We are committed to applying our knowledge and skills at every step of your business journey as your most-trusted clothing manufacturer, and we commit to being at your service till the completion.

With Dress Code, you can leave all the hard work where we take care of everything manufacturing-related. while you can sit back and concentrate on other core activities such as marketing and promotions.

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