It is 2023! A new year with a lot of novel beginnings. Ideally, it is another set of 365 days, but evidently, the world is divided into two groups of people with two polar apart perspectives. While one group is busy setting financial, health and personal goals, one can see the other is excited to revamp their wardrobe! The latter belongs to fashionistas and enthusiasts eager to receive their yearly edition of a fashion magazine.

And why shouldn’t these fashion and styling admirers keep a close watch on the latest and upcoming trends in the industry? Fashion is a way of living and upgrading your standards with each new fashion cycle. Not only do these fashion trends give an economic boost, but at the consumer level, they also give each individual a chance to explore their personal tastes, flaunt their styles and set a first impression.

Whether it is an occasion or casual wear, it is always best to look and feel aesthetic and chic. Nevertheless, no matter how fashion fanatic you are, keeping up with the runway models and calendar girls from the Paris Fashion Week could be daunting. Moreover, carrying the macro-trending couture in your day-to-day life would require a high budget and patience.

How about you keep your fashion vision board, created with the help of Pinterest, aside and embrace micro trends which are subtle, chic and impactful to speak volumes about your dressing style?

What are Micro trends?

As the name implies, micro trends have a shorter shelf life and exist in the industry for a specific season or year. Often they are associated with ultra-fast fashion trends as they gain quick popularity, and before you realise it, they end the cycle even faster. These micro trends usually gain popularity through platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels and have also become an integral part of influencer marketing! Although the micro trends are fad fashions, they leave a lasting, versatile, captivating impact.

Furthermore, a big point to note here is that women’s fashion clothing is an ever-evolving industry. One has witnessed many fad fashion trends that sprung out of nowhere and left within a week or more. In such a fast-moving fashion space, it would be ideal to fill your wardrobe with micro trends for 2023 that are in vogue for the year, sustainable and budget-friendly.

Are you wondering what could be the micro trends for 2023? Allow us to help you!

Micro Trends Predictions for 2023

  1. Sheer Fabrics: Whether it is Fendi’s fall collection in 2022 or your Instagram feed filled with women exhibiting sheer clothing, styling with this fabric is here to stay even in 2023. You can easily design a sheet top or flowy and lacy gown with sheer material for a dimly lit dinner or a party. If you want to exude a street statement vibe, you can opt for a sheer micro mini skirt and layer it with denim and heels.
  2. Glints and Glamour: The revival of the 80’s glam must be your go-to styling requisite for 2023. It can include sequins, rhinestones, metallics and all sorts of glittery yet slick shimmer to make you look like a disco diva.
  3. Everything Oversized: Wearing skinny jeans and body-fit t-shirts are a fashion of 2022; you can bid goodbye to them. This year make dressing centric to everything oversized. Whether it is flared bottoms, oversized jackets and blazers or baggy t-shirts and tops, allow your wardrobe to embrace them.
  4. Tassels: If you want to look and dress minimal yet go that extra mile with your ensembles to stand out, you must border your attire with tassels and fringes. A t-shirt, skirt or dress can be styled in various ways with tassels and fringe, as they make a great aesthetic option for your wardrobe.
  5. Colour for the Year: For 2023, the colour code is pop and bright with a range of hues for everyone, such as Viva Magenta, Earthy Orange, Olive Green, Pale Pink, Tranquil Blues, Yellow and Molten Metallics.

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