Women Leather skirts Manufacturer

Women Leather skirts Manufacturer India

Dress Code Apparels manufactures leather skirts in India. We manufacture leather skirts for women accordant to the designs given by our clients. At Dress Code Apparels, we manufacture women leather skirts for our clients without any Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). We accept orders from big and small businesses. Dress Code Apparels is a cost – effective manufacturing factory. We are a full – service manufacturer of leather skirts for women. You can be assured that we are a fully equipped manufacturing factory and are a team of highly skilled experts. Just provide us with your designs and ideas of leather skirts, and we will turn them into reality.

Our Services

  • Sourcing or Production of Fabrics

Our top most priority at Dress Code Apparels is to find the perfect leather material for your leather skirts. We will find and produce the greatest quality of leather from our reliable vendors and mills.

  • Sourcing or Development of Trims

Threads, lining, zippers, or accessories like motifs, laces, patches, beads, buttons, etc. are examples of trims. At Dress Code, we have the resources to acquire any style of trim that would look good on your leather skirts. We can customise your trims accordant to your designs on the women’s leather skirts.

  • Pattern Making

Making patterns requires expertise. Regardless of the specifics of the design you have in mind for your leather skirts, our skilled staff can make it a reality. Our talented craftsmen are skilled with both traditional and digital patterns.

  • Pattern Grading

Grading is a method for modifying the design to fit various body types and sizes once your base size pattern for the leather skirt is complete. Grading is mostly used to maintain the shape and fit of the women’s leather skirt while proportionately increasing or decreasing the pattern size.

  • Prototyping

“Prototyping is the conversation you have with your ideas.” A leather skirt sample or prototype makes a solution rapidly visual, real, and palpable. Our in-house sampling team is aware of this, so before moving forward with the production of the leather skirts, we offer samples and prototypes for your approval.

  • Fabric Dyeing

Adsorption and diffusion are involved in the cloth dyeing process. Simply specify the colour scheme you want for your leather skirt, and Dress Code Apparels will handle the rest. For the ideal fabric and colour combinations for your leather skirt for women, consult our team ofspecialists if you’re unsure.

  • Fabric Printing

Block, digital, and screen-printing techniques can all be used by Dress Code Apparels to print on leather skirts. As your women’s leather skirt manufacturer, we provide you with a clear printed pattern and vibrant colours using our best fabric printing options.

  • Fabric Cutting

At Dress Code, we think that cutting the fabric is a crucial step in producing a leather skirt of high quality. We guarantee low wastage cutting, regardless of the smallest size or plus size in your size range.

  • Sewing

With our cutting-edge, more effective sewing equipment, you can sew and stitch your customized leather skirts more quickly and flawlessly. The sewing machines are operated by our skilled workforce, who ensures uniformity throughout the entire range. Dress Code can manage orders of any quantity, whether they are little or in bulk, without sacrificing quality.

  • Quality Control

Quality first is a habit at Dress Code and not just a statement. When making women’s leather skirts, we make sure the quality is up to your requirements and accepted standards at every stage.

  • Packing and Dispatching

Standard packaging for Dress Code includes a clear, transparent bag, which is followed by the contents being placed inside of a cardboard box or carton. We also offer specially designed packaging for your brand in accordance with your specifications. Your leather skirts are sent to the specified location when we take care of all the required paperwork.