Buying clothes for your casual, work or occasional needs can become daunting if you don’t find the exact outfit that suits your taste and beautifully reflects your personality. Moreover, if you are a fashionista, the ability to wear and enjoy the perfect dream dress can seem more like an eternal treasure hunt than a gratifying shopping experience. If these problems weren’t enough, sometimes, even when you find the ideal garment, either it does not fit well or the fabric is of inferior quality. Also, thanks to fashion influencers on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram Reels, the latest trends in fashion keep changing every month or once in three months. Thus, the time spent designing your wardrobe and fashion vision board and finding the trending clothes is futile as a new trend is already waiting in line.

*Phew* It would be a relief if you would have a personal wardrobe assistant by your side, just a call away, who would design clothes as and when you want on an immediate basis with premium quality fabrics. This would involve no hassle of leaving your home and shopping in crowds and queues but instead, shop from the comfort of your couches while sipping some fine wine.

Is it possible? Yes, at Dress Code Apparels, we make everything related to clothing possible
for you!

The Clothing Manufacturers For You

Dress Code Apparels is a reliable and experienced women’s clothing manufacturing company that assists you from designing to manufacturing your favourite clothes. All you have to do is, let us know about the dress idea or what exactly you are looking for and the material that would suit your skin and body type. Based on these specifications, our expert team of skilled artisans and designers will bring every apparels you desire into existence. Furthermore, being a digital brand, we also provide a seamless export and worldwide delivery facility. Thus, without any regional barriers, you can have the apparels you have been yearning for!

You may insist that there are many manufacturers in India, why should you invest your time, effort and money with us? Well, Dress Code Apparels isn’t any other manufacturing facility. We have a standard set of practices, a reputed and trustworthy benchmark and USPs you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Let’s find out why we must be your first and only choice.

What Sets Dress Code Apparels Apart From Others?

  1. No MOQ: Have you found yourself tied to the clutches or, rather, a list of restrictions imposed by majorly every manufacturer only to place orders for a bulk quantity of garments? It can be frustrating when you want only two pieces of clothing but are forced to agree to ten. At Dress Code, we understand how desperately you want your dream attire. And thus, we do not levy rules for placing orders with us. We follow a no minimum order quantity (MOQ) policy. Therefore, whether you want to design one garment, fifty or more, you are free to do so with us!
  2. Strong Fabric Suppliers Network: Every outfit shines and stands out because of a premium quality fabric. We understand the importance of quality fabric materials; thus, we have tied up with qualified and expert fabric suppliers and vendors. The fabric we use for designing goes through a quality testing procedure. We ensure to manufacture only from those textiles which are wear and tear proof, durable and do not fade.
  3. Fashion Consulting: Are you confused about which fabric to use for your next outfit? Or do you need help deciding what would suit you, a dress or a gown for your next occasion? Worry not. We have a team of consultants who will discuss in depth about your requirements and suggest a flawless dress that would suit you.
  4. One-Stop Solution: We are committed and dedicated to serving you everything under one branch. Therefore, from consultation to designing, fabric selection, production and final delivery, you are kept in the loop to understand and overlook the entire process from beginning to end. No need to go elsewhere; we extend a comprehensive service.
  5. Faster Turnaround Time: Although the manufacturing process varies on the quantity you require, as well as outfit detailing, we assure a timely and scheduled delivery without any delays or inconveniences.
  6. Basic to Hi Fashion: We sort all your concerns regarding western clothing. We fulfil all your requests if you require casual clothes, office wear, dresses or gowns.

Why run to stores or high-end designer brands? Flaunt your dress with the help of a designers and manufacturers that work solely for you and around you! Make our brand your personal label. Are you ready to make a statement? If so, call us today!

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