If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite clothes are made, the answer lies in the clothing
manufacturing process. From sourcing materials to delivering finished products, clothing
manufacturing is a complex and intricate process that involves many stages.
At Dress Code Apparels, we take pride in our clothing manufacturing process, which is
designed to produce high-quality garments that meet the needs of our customers. In this blog
post, we’ll take you through the process of manufacturing clothes so you can have a better
understanding of how it all works.


The first step in the clothing manufacturing process is design. Our design team works closely
with clients to create unique designs that reflect their brand’s personality and style. The design
process includes sketching, pattern making, and choosing materials.

Sourcing Materials

Once the design is approved, the next step is to source the materials needed to create the
garment. At Dress Code Apparels, we source materials from trusted suppliers to ensure that we
produce garments that are of high quality.


After the materials have been sourced, the fabric is cut into the required pattern pieces. This is
done using specialized cutting machines that ensure accuracy and precision.


Once the fabric has been cut, it’s time for the sewing process. The pieces of fabric are sewn
together using industrial sewing machines to create the final garment. During this stage, quality
control checks are carried out to ensure that the garments meet the required standards.


After the garments have been sewn, they’re then finished. This includes adding buttons, zippers,
and any other necessary details. Quality control checks are carried out during this stage to
ensure that the garments are of the highest quality.

Quality Control

Quality control is an essential part of the clothing manufacturing process. At Dress Code
Apparels, we have a dedicated team of quality control experts who inspect each garment to
ensure that it meets the required standards.

Packaging and Delivery

Once the garments have passed quality control checks, they’re then packaged and prepared for
delivery. At Dress Code Apparels, we don’t have any minimum order quantity, which means we
can accommodate small and large orders.

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