By Dress Code

“Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, and where you’re going.”

— Pharrell Williams

The fashion industry is known for experimenting with trends, but timeless classics are there to stay. People are getting more sensitive about fashion and the environment.

The best part is that with Dress Code you may customize these trends to your particular style keeping the organic manufacturing practices in sync!!

With fashion fervor at an all-time high eye-catching clothing with a happy attitude is taking over, from bold colors and patterns to dramatic styles like bubble dresses, volume tops, plenty of cutouts, and ultra-low rises on pants and skirts.

Back to Work is the style quotient

Your allies this year will be pleated pants and oversized blazers. The back-to-business trend is popular, but these essential pieces may be worn with any type of clothing as well. This is a fantastic option because it adds an exquisite touch to the outfit and can be worn with a poplin shirt, a crop top, boots, sneakers, flat sandals… whatever you like!

Knits rule the roost

Who said it was impossible to look stylish while yet remaining at ease? You can, though, if you wear knit dresses. In addition to being quite fashionable, they are available in several hues. As an illustration, Lisa is donning an orange one and sock boots. Simple but cute

Bright coloured clothing

It’s time to stand out and dress in vibrant hues! There are so many hues available that choosing what to wear could be challenging. But it depends on your preferences and which ones you feel most at ease wearing!


Stripes are now again in style, proving that timeless designs never go out of style. A striped sweater with a lot of versatility can be paired with anything you can think of, including a pair of jeans, white pants, leggings, skirts, and shorts.

The lace trend is here to stay!

With the new season of Birdgerton airing the latest trend that appears back on course is the regal lace trend.

Everyone, in my opinion, can wear it; you just need to maintain balance and carefully match it with your regular attire.

Why are women so charmed with it? It makes sense given that it has a classic, ultrafeminine, and romantic appearance. You’re going to see some extremely gorgeous outfit inspiration from women, fashion bloggers, and fashionistas who combine lace with slouchy shapes, leather, sneakers, and dresses.

After reading this post, we do not doubt that you will purchase a lace item, check out Dress Code.

Floral Vibes

Floral dresses will always be a timeless summer trend; what varies from year to year is the cut and IT brand. With their continued appeal, as witnessed at SS2022, floral pattern dresses have long been a Summer wardrobe essential and aren’t going anywhere. It may alter in cut, style, and print size, but the print will always be a timeless classic.

Fashion gets its urge to evolve with the innate needs of the people keeps changing and repeating too.

Worry not, we at DressCode with more than a decade of experience in the market, uphold the principles of high-quality goods, reasonable prices, and excellent craftsmanship.

We will manage every step of the supply chain, including finding materials and trimmings, making samples, producing large quantities of clothes, packaging, performing quality control checks, and scheduling delivery of the goods for you.

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