Say No to Clothes on Rack

There is nothing that can add a bounce in your walk or oomph to your styling quite like a well-fitted attire made out of a comfortable and skin-friendly fabric. A perfect ensemble can bring great confidence to one’s personality. But drastically have a negative impact when we settle for clothing that is either tight or leads to rashes and irritations. While most of the time, the latter is the scenario as often we tend to spend on a fabric of inferior quality or a material that does not suit our body type because of a lack of alternatives.

The expert garment manufacturers at Dress Code Apparels are here to change the entire scenario of how you shop and style yourself! With the help of our adept and professional team of designers and material suppliers, you are sure to receive quality apparels consistently. Whether you desire a sparkling and sequenced gown for a dinner party or a pastel dress to catch up with your friends over brunch, we deliver a range of bespoke western ensembles without any hassles. Unlike the fast-fashion trend, you do not have to rely on mass-produced clothing items. Share your unique garment ideas with us, and our skilled apparel manufacturers will guide you further.

Along with spoiling you with choices of customising your next outfit design, we also allow our customers to enjoy complete freedom over ordering as many pieces of a single outfit or multiple outfits as they like without any obligation of a minimum order quantity (MOQ). Therefore, whether you are a small or medium-sized business, a fashion designer/stylist or a sole customer – we manufacture and export your dream dresses by bringing them to reality.

Standout with Premium Quality Fabrics

Not many manufacturers or designers allow you to select a clothing material. But at Dress Code Apparels, we understand that choosing the suitable fabric is a significant part of enjoying tailor-made apparels. An appropriate fabric exudes a flawless fit with a perfect finish. The fabric also sets the base of the design on any clothing and gives it an overall differential element.

Similar to how no two people are built for the same attire, there’s no way you would entirely fit into any random clothing material. Therefore, we give our customers full autonomy to order their desired clothes made from a material of their choice! Our professional team is always available for your assistance. Once you connect with us, you can decide which fabric you want based on the consultation.

Additionally, at Dress Code, we pay utmost attention to exporting only premium quality products to our customers. Whether you order a single product or multiple, we have a set parameter of manufacturing only from durable, clean and high-quality fabrics that are free from clutches of tearing and fading! In order to meet these high standards, we have tied up the leading and finest raw material suppliers and vendors. Are you looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly product like 100 per cent pure cotton or a synthetic fabric like rayon or polyester? Whichever material you pick, you can rest assured of receiving a final product sourced from reliable and top suppliers.

Fabric selection can be daunting, but our mill suppliers also run a fabric test which involves weighing the fabric, conducting a fabric stretch and evaluating the flow of the material via a fabric drape before passing it on to us. We vouch for 360 degree fabric quality testing! Thus, you can rely on us, our strong backend team and the impressive connection of qualified suppliers. You will never have quality or design complaints from our end regarding poor fabric quality.

Therefore, without any further ado, picture your awesome dress idea and pass over the sketch to us! From idea generation to material selection, sourcing and final deliverables, our comprehensive manufacturing service will look after all your needs.

Wear clothes that fit like a glove with Dress Code Apparel’s streamlined manufacturing and fabric selection process! Order today to receive a tailored ensemble made from a comfortable and quality fabric delivered at a fast turnaround time!

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