Just as the fashion industry was reviving after a global shutdown for nearly two years, trade analysts and fashion business experts predict another slowdown in growth in terms of revenue generation, sales and profits. Such anticipation is because of the geopolitical tension due to the war in Ukraine, the rising cost of living and inflation, the energy crisis, and shortage or delay in the supply of raw materials, causing a supply blockchain. While it is a universal concept that for every industry and business, change is the only constant and entrepreneurs must adapt to the changes and stay ahead of the fashion curve, here at Dress Code Apparels, we recognise the rising concerns. Hence, we have transformed them into benefits for a seamless and smooth end-to-end consumer experience.

Who are we?

Dress Code Apparels is a leading women’s clothing manufacturer and exporter in India with a no minimum order quantity (MOQ) obligation. From fashion consultation, fabric sourcing and selection to designing and finally exporting quality garments – we are a one-stop solution for all your basic and luxurious styling and dressing needs!

Apart from this, we realise the evolving yet staggering global fashion industry and have promising solutions for our customers! Let us list them below for you.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

  1. Target Audience = Women: Whether the reason is the pandemic or women becoming more self aware and conscious, whichever the reason, it is a positive trend for fashion retailers and manufacturers to follow and focus on women’s western clothing. Casual wear, plus-size dresses, formal pants, suits, gowns and blazers, and even athleisure wear – the western clothing market is vast, and the entire fashion industry is adapting to a more women-centric approach. And we at Dress Code Apparel already hold expertise and forte in manufacturing women’s clothing.
  2. Supply Chain: The UK or, in actuality, entire Europe is facing a supply chain bottleneck. On the flip side, India is the second largest producer of textiles and apparel. Therefore, you will not face a dearth while choosing fabric materials in India. Whether you require apparel designed from cotton, rayon, polyester, linen, satin or any other material, you can connect with us at Dress Code Apparels, and we will deliver outfits of the material you require. Our team sources all the materials from qualified and professional vendors and suppliers. Thus you will be fine and satisfied with the quality and end finish.
  3. Sustainability: The rising and alarming impact of textile production on the environment is making consumers more conscious of their purchases. Shoppers prefer to purchase from brands that rely on sustainable fashion methods to design a garment and deliver it with a sustainable/eco-friendly packaging. Taking note from this, at Dress Code Apparels, we say no to wastage of fabric, raw materials and end products. We understand the chemicals and large quantities of water utilised to make a textile. Therefore, we do not hoard any raw materials or inventory of finished products at our manufacturing facility and deliver unique pieces only as per the requirements of our clients.
  4. Digital-First Brands: Technological advancements and the pandemic have boosted brands and consumers to increase their dependence on digital platforms to sell and purchase, respectively. Consumers are more than happy to shop from a brand that successfully eliminates the traditional distribution channels via a retailer and reaches to them directly by cutting down costs. Digital-first brands cater to customers globally and across regions, and Dress Code Apparels is one such brand. We export quality products to consumers directly without any involvement from a middleman.
  5. Diversity: People are tired and disinterested in brands exhibiting similar product ranges. The only difference in their products would be a variety of colours. Consumers want diversity in style, colours and outfit designs. Moreover, store clothes may not be of good quality and fit, leading to a fall in sales in the fashion industry. Dress Code Apparels is equipped and skilled to meet and cater to all your demands by exporting assorted apparel of your choice, fit and comfort to your doorstep.

Whether there is a market upswing or downhill in the fashion industry in 2023 or the years after, Dress Code Apparels is ready with the finest quality fabrics and a proficient manufacturing system always to serve you! Call us today and share your fresh and innovative outfit ideas!

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